productive pro‧duc‧tive [prəˈdʌktɪv] adjective
1. producing or achieving something:

• The program is designed to help business users be more productive.

• We want to turn welfare recipients into productive, working members of society.

• The plant has the newest and most productive steel-making technology.

2. ECONOMICS producing crops, goods, or wealth:

• The strike is cutting deeper into the company's productive capacity (= ability to produce things ) .

— productively adverb :

• She needs to use her time at work more productively.

— productiveness noun [uncountable]

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productive UK US /prəˈdʌktɪv/ adjective
PRODUCTION, ECONOMICS producing a large number of goods, crops, profit, etc. or doing a lot of work: productive farmland/sector/economy »

The only remaining option is to switch underemployed workers from agriculture to more productive sectors.

productive worker/employee/citizen »

The idea was to reward France's highly productive workers with shorter working hours.

WORKPLACE, MEETINGS achieving good results: »

The negotiations were reported to have been ""very productive.""


a productive day's work

a productive meeting/conversation/discussion »

You can't have a productive discussion if people aren't listening to each other.

PRODUCTION relating to production of goods: »

There is a great demand for water for productive purposes.


The diagram shows the productive structure of the firm.

See also PRODUCTIVELY(Cf. ↑productively), TOTAL PRODUCTIVE MAINTENANCE(Cf. ↑total productive maintenance), UNPRODUCTIVE(Cf. ↑unproductive)

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